Izoterm vacuum unit is designed for heat treatment of products from various materials in vacuum and inert gas environment with adjustable speed cooling of products with a gas flow.
The heating zone of the vacuum unit is made of molybdenum. A multilayer system of heat shields made of molybdenum is used to protect the walls of the vacuum chamber. The technological vacuum chamber is water-cooled.
The heating zone consists of 3 sections. The temperature of each section is individually controlled. This allows to reduce the temperature difference at different points of the working chamber.

- The system for supplying inert gas to the technological chamber provides a controlled cooling rate of products according to a given algorithm.
- Temperature control at different points of the heating zone is carried out by means of 5 thermocouples

Internal dimensions of the heating zone, mm Diameter - 350
Height - 400
Heating temperature, С 1000
Temperature difference at different points of the heating zone, С ± 5,0
Ultimate residual pressure in the clean, Pa 5х10-4
Coatings control Quartz system for thickness control
Control by time