Cylindrical stationary magnetrons

Cylindrical stationary magnetrons

Used in vacuum installations of periodic operation with substrate sizes up to 3 meters or more

Magnetron sputtering is a technology for thin film depositing in a vacuum chamber and in a working gas using cathode sputtering of the target material in crossed electric and magnetic fields.
Electrically conductive materials, such as conductors and semiconductors, are used as targets in medium-frequency DC and AC magnetrons. The use of magnetic materials is limited by the thickness of the target and requires the use of a special magnetic system. For the sputtering of dielectric materials, the HF version of the magnetron is used, which also requires an HF generator and a matching unit tuned to the applied discharge system.

Cylindrical stationary magnetrons are used in vacuum installations of periodic operation with substrate sizes up to 3 meters or more. Such magnetrons are especially in demand in vacuum equipment for the bulk deposition of coatings in the space around a stationary cylindrical target.

Main tasks:
- functional layers deposition inside closed volume or tube often used as conductive coatings;
- source of electrons for ion-beam source

Technical data:

Parameters Basic Options
Magnetron type Cylindrical stationary
Working pressure 0,2 ÷ 2 Pa
Target material non-magnetic, electrically conductive materials and semiconductors (Si, Ge, etc.) magnetic materials, dielectrics
Target size Ø15,2×6,4 cm by request
Number or sections 2 by request
Magnetic system Permanent magnets NdFeB+2xNi
Gas distributor No Yes
Anode No magnetized hidden, etc.

Target cooling

Power supply DC, DC-pulse, MF-AC RF, HiPIMS
Specific maximum power DC/DC-pulse/MF-AC <20 kW/cm <50 kW/cm
Specific maximum power RF <5 kW/cm <15 kW/cm
Target utilization 15...40% >45%
Gas flow (depends on pumping) 50…250 cm3/min
Mean time between maintenance (mtbm) 120 h
Cooling water
Cooling water temperature 18...25 °C
Water pressure 2..4 bar
Water flow >0,7 l/min/kW
Working gas Ar, O2 and other
Working gas purity 99,99 %