- magnetron type neutralizer is applied as sources of electrons for  different type of ion-beam sources;
- inverse cylindrical magnetrons are applied for different kind of processes like deposition onto cylindrical outer surfaces for decorative, wear resistant and other purposes;
- innovative long target-to-substrate optical coating with superior coating uniformity.

Main tasks:
- source of electrons for ions discharge compensation on a substrate for coating defects elimination;
- high-rate deposition on cylindrical outer surfaces;
- long target-to-substrate deposition of high quality optical films.

Technical data:

Parameters Basic Options
Magnetron type Cylindrical inverse magnetron
Working pressure 0,06 ÷ 2 Pa
Target material graphite

by request

Target size Ø2×3 cm by request
Magnetic system Permanent magnets NdFeB+2xNi
Anode No magnetized hidden, etc.

Target cooling

Power supply DC, DC-pulse, MF-AC RF, HiPIMS
Specific maximum power DC/DC-pulse/MF-AC 15 W/cm2
Specific maximum power RF 3 W/cm2
Target utilization 15...40% >45%
Gas flow (depends on pumping) 5…50 cm3/min
Mean time between maintenance (mtbm) 56 h
Cooling water
Cooling water temperature 18...25 °C
Water pressure 2..4 bar
Water flow >0,7 l/min/kW
Working gas Ar, O2 and other
Working gas purity 99,99 %
Overall dimensions, mm     ø75x8
Weight, kg 2