ORTUS 1500

ORTUS 1500

Substrate holder: Dome ø1390 mm, Planetary 4x ø590 mm. Automatic Optical Monitoring. 2xE-gun, 2xResistance evap., RF Plasma Assist Source.

The biggest ORTUS with the highest loading capacity.

Distinguishing features:
- suitable for coating on large 3D shapes substrates
- suitable low temperature evaporation for coating on plastic substrates

For detailed information about our ORTUS PIAD coater portfolio and its coating capabilities please download the ORTUS CATALOGUE.

Configuration options:

1. Substrate holder

  size loading cap. of 1"
for reff.
Thickness U% for all loading area Max single substrate size
Dome type ø1390 mm 1075 ±2% 580 mm
Planetary 4 x ø590 mm 850 ±1% 590 mm


2. Technological devices

     - Electron Beam Evaporation (EBE)
          3 different sizes EV M-6, EV M-8, EV M-10
          Customized crucibles, 1 ... 12 pockets
          Max. quantity : 2 pcs

     - Cleaning and Assistance sources

          Accelerator with anode Layer (Ion Current Density up to 4.2 mA/cm^2)
          Copra: RF Plasma Assist Source (Ion Current Density up to 2.5 mA/cm^2)
          Max. quantity : 1

     - Resistance evaporation source
          Max. quantity : 2 pcs together with 2 EBE

3. Coating process control

     - Rate and thickness control system (quartz control)

     - Optical process monitoring system OCP
          OCP Singlewave for monochromatic monitoring

4. Accessories

     Substrate heating system
          - IR lamps
          - Tubular heater