I-Photonics has many years experience in working with Ion Beam technology and the Physics of Thin Films. Our team have decades of experience in Research and Development of coatings for all aspects of precision optics, as well as expertise in developing hardware to improve the capability of existing coating technologies. Over the years, we have built a large portfolio of coating equipment and processes within optics and for other industries. This has allowed I-Photonics to provide competitive turn-key equipment and coating solutions to a range of customers worldwide.

Following the demands of the global market we developed: Magnetron Sputtering Technology (MS, RMS, PARMS), Diamond Like Carbon Technology for IR optics (DLC by PECVD), E-Beam Evaporation (IBAD) and Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS, RF IBS) for precision optics.

In order to improve the accuracy and the reliability in optical coatings we developed an automatic optical process control system called OCP BroadBand and OCP SingleWave Monitoring. The OCP SingleWave and BroadBand allows the user to produce high precision multilayer optical coatings for UV, VIS, NIR, Mid IR ranges with an improved high yield.

The wide range of requests and specifications from customers for unusual and high precision optics, has pushed our team to continuous Research & Development. This has led to the constant improvement of our equipment and techniques, and has defined I-Photonics not just as a coating systems provider, but as a developer of holistic industrial coating solutions.

The accumulated experience of our team in process integration and the methodology of thin film coating has helped I-Photonics to become specialized to provide own “in house” coating services as well. It also positioned I-Photonics as a company which provides ongoing technological support for each customer and shares our knowledge of thin films.

With each customer our aim is to establish long-term cooperation based on our experience and our capacity to continuously improve as a coating solution provider.