Modular equipment "ELATO" is designed for the deposition and the directional crystallization of amorphous coatings on tape substrates

The equipment includes three main modules:
   • Deposition unit – designed for deposition of an amorphous coating on tape substrates by magnetron sputtering of the target material in vacuum with preheating and ion-beam cleaning.
   • Crystallization block – designed for crystallization of an amorphous coating, it is a furnace with systems for pumping, heating and process gases supplying.
   • Glove box – connects deposition and crystallization units and serves for loading substrates into the deposition unit chamber, loading substrates after deposition into the crystallization unit chamber.

The coating is applied to tape substrates fixed on a cylindrical substrate holder. The applied quartz control system makes it possible to control the coating thickness with high accuracy directly during the deposition process. Full automation of the deposition and crystallization processes makes it possible to obtain coatings with the required properties and guaranteed reproducibility. The use of oil-free pumping devices based on a turbomolecular pump, as well as the possibility of embedding in a clean zone, can significantly improve the quality of products.

   • Possibility of deposition of multicomponent coatings simultaneously from several magnetrons (up to 3 pcs.).
   • TENOvy heating of substrates up to 350 °C in before drawing and in the course of drawing a covering.
   • Heating of the substrates in the crystallization block up to 1200 °C using an oxygen-resistant ceramic heater.
   • A glove box that ensures safe work of the operator, protects against the impact of aggressive process media and at the same time prevents the penetration of oxygen and water vapor from the atmosphere into the block chambers.
   • Possibility of embedding equipment in a clean room

   • Round magnetron with a target diameter of 3” – up to 3 pcs.
   • Ion-beam cleaning source - 1 pc.

Cylindrical substrate holder dimensions, mm Ø127×96
Effective application area, cm2 380
Ultimate residual pressure, Pa 5×10-4
Coating control Quartz