DLC coater for IR optics

DIAMANTA vacuum system is designed for the deposition of wear resistant diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings on silicon and germanium substrates. These DLC coatings are antireflective in IR range of 3-5 µm as well as in the 7-14 µm range. The deposition method is a plasma enhanced chemical deposition of carbon from the gas phase stimulated by plasma of an ion-beam source. IR optic products are often used in the most extreme operating conditions, where an AR coating is used in combination with a DLC coating on the front side of external lenses.

To be used in:
- Night vision devices
- Thermal imagers
- Sensors
- Pyrometers
- Optical systems for objectives
- R&D

- Unique I-Photonics method of DLC coatings deposition
- Load-lock vacuum chamber
- Single wave optical monitoring system
- Can be customized

- Ion-beam sputtering source
- Ion-beam cleaning source

Maximum substrate size 370х420 mm
Maximum coating thickness uniformity ± 3,0%
Maximum quantity of substrates
of 30 mm diameter per one run
116 pcs
Ultimate residual pressure in the clean vacuum chamber 5х10-4 Pа
Coating control Single wave optical monitoring system

For detailed information please download the DLC catalogue.