I-Photonics long year experience in working on Ion Beam technology and Thin Film physics and the related R&D  works on thin film coatings  and  coating hardware developments testimony  the importance of defining and improving continuously coating processes and  provided over the years a  consistent process portfolio which defines I-Photonics as an attractive and competitive solution provider.

Following the global market demands we developed Magnetron Sputtering Technology (MS, RMS, PARMS), Diamond Like Coating for IR optics (DLC by PECVD), Plasma Ion Assisted Deposition (PIAD), Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS, RF IBS) for precision optics.

Being focused on optical coatings we developed automatic optical process monitoring systems OCP Broadband and OCP Singlewave that allow to make high precision multilayer optical coating for UV, VIS, NIR, Mid IR with high yield.

Ongoing updates on behalf of the requirements for coatings from the customer demanded from us incessant R&D, which lead to a constant improvement of our equipment and defined the role of the entire company not only as a developer of equipment, but more as a developer of coating solution provider as a whole.

The accumulated experience in the development of processes and methods of thin films coating led to the creation of a separate business area. I-Photonics offers job coating services and optical components production. This positions I-Photonics as a company that not only provides active technological support to each customer with its state of the art portfolio of turn key optical coating production, solutions but also by sharing its knowledge in the field of thin film processing I-Photonics proactively helps customers gain coating knowledge and raise their own specialist know how within their coating process engineers.

With each customer our aim is  to possibly establish long-term cooperation based on our experience and continuous improvements as a solution provider.