Substrate holder: Dome ø800 mm, Planetary 4x ø327 mm. Automatic Optical Monitoring. 2xE-gun, Resistance evap., End hall assist, RF Plasma Assist Source.

Enlarged version of compact ORTUS 700 that is aimed to provide possibility to work with bigger substrates.

For detailed information about our ORTUS PIAD coater portfolio and its coating capabilities please download the ORTUS CATALOGUE.

Configuration options:

1. Substrate holder

  size loading cap. of 1"
for reff.
Thickness U% for all loading area Max single substrate size
Dome type ø800 mm 356 ±2% 300 mm
Planetary 4 x ø327 mm 284 ±1% 327 mm


2. Technological devices

     - Electron Beam Evaporation (EBE)
          3 different sizes EV M-6, EV M-8, EV M-10
          Customized crucibles, 1 ... 12 pockets
          Max. quantity : 2 pcs

     - Cleaning and Assistance sources
          End-Hall ion source with Ion Current Density up to 1 mA/cm^2
          Accelerator with anode Layer (Ion Current Density up to 4.2 mA/cm^2)
          Copra: RF Plasma Assist Source (Ion Current Density up to 2.5 mA/cm^2)
          Max. quantity : 1 pcs

     - Resistance evaporation source
          Max. quantity : 1 pcs together with 2 EBE

3. Coating process control

     - Rate and thickness control system (quartz control)

     - Optical process monitoring system OCP
          OCP Singlewave for monochromatic monitoring

4. Accessories

     Substrate heating system
          - IR lamps
          - Tubular heater