RF-Plasma sources / Gridded ion beam sources flow

RF plasma sources are intended to create and sustain a dense, low energetic plasma or mono-energetic ion flow with high homogeneity in vacuum process systems.

Main application:
- anisotropic etching of sub micron structures in resist in microelectronics production;
- plasma chemical deposition of non-defect functional dielectric films in semiconductor and hybrid microelectronics production;
- synthesis of polymeric coatings and new materials;
- mass-spectrometer analysis with inductive-coupled plasma;
- dielectric surface modification for applying new properties (like hydrophilicity).

Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) RF discharge is excited by a current flowing through a water-cooled inductor (antenna). RF power applied to the inductor creates a vortex electrical field in the vacuum chamber, which ensures the generation of plasma. In a low-pressure inductively coupled high-frequency discharge, the power of the high-frequency generator is distributed between the active resistance of the external circuit and the plasma, and the power enters the plasma through two channels: inductive, which exists due to the current flowing through the inductor (antenna), and capacitive, due to the presence of capacitive coupling between the antenna and plasma.
RF source is a plane (planar) or cylindrical system of electrodeless RF inductive discharge. A grid can be applied for the extraction (pulling out) of the ions of increasing the ion energy.

Technical data:

Parameters Basic Options
Source type RF source of inductively coupled plasma
Working pressure 0,05 ÷ 100 Pa
Cylindrical antenna diameter 80, 120, 160, 180, 210 by request
Antenna location on atm by request
Planar antenna diameter 100, 200 by request
Grid material (if available) Mo, Ti by request
Power supply RF (13,56MHz) by request
Ion current density on the substrate < 7 mA/cm2
Max. power < 3000W
Gas flow (depends on pumping out and dimensions of the working chamber) 5…50 sccm
Cooling inductor: running water, discharge chamber of a cylindrical antenna: forced air
Water temperature 18...25 ℃
Water flow > 0,7 l/min/kW
Working gas Ar, O2 ander
Gas purity 99.99 %