LIDIZ 1100

LIDIZ 1100

RF IBS for sputtering and assistance, Automatic Optical Monitoring, Increased Throughput

I-Photonics IBS coater LIDIZ 1100 is designed to produce the highest quality optical interference coatings with increased troughput.

For coating examples and detail information about LIDIZ please download the LIDIZ CATALOGUE.

With all advantages of IBS technology it is intended to be used in:
   Laser optics with low optical loss
      High power lasers
      Laser gyroscope
      Various AR/HR and filters for laser application
   Internet of things (IoT)
   Light Identification Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)
   Medical equipment and Measurement devices
      Beam splitters
      Band pass filters
      Edge filters
      Notch filters.

For coating examples and detail information about LIDIZ please download the LIDIZ CATALOGUE.

Installation area

3490×2730×2460 mm (L×W×H)

Equipment weight

5500 kg

Sputtering source

RF Grid IBS with RF neutralizer

Assistance source

RF Grid IBS with RF neutralizer

Substrate Holder

and coating area

Single disk Ø440 mm (area 1520 cm2)

Planetary 7x Ø 210 mm (area 2420 cm2)

Other planetary by request

Coating uniformity

≤±0.25% planetary 7x Ø 210 mm
≤±0.5% for single disk Ø440 mm

Process monitoring system

Automatic optical monitoring system OCP:

OCP Broadband,

OCP Singlewave,

OCP Duo (Broadband and Singlewave 2 in 1)

Substrate materials

glass ceramics, chromatic and achromatic optical glass, quartz, potassium fluoride, sapphire, etc.

Number of targets, max.

4 pcs

Sputtering targets

Ti, Ta, Nb, Zr, Hf, AI, Si, SiO2 etc.

Coating rate

Up to 4 Å /sec (material dependent )

Substrate temperature in the process (without heater)

<100 оС

Substrate heating system temperature

<250 оС

Substrate heating uniformity

± 2 оС

Ultimate pressure

5E-5 Pa

Time to reach Ultimate pressure

12 hours

Process start pressure

8E-4 Pa

Time to reach process start pressure

40 min

Pumping system

Dry mechanical pump & cryogenic pump

Turbo molecular pump (optional)