Rectangular planar magnetrons

Rectangular planar magnetrons

Used in vacuum installations of periodic and continuous operation with substrate sizes up to 3 meters or more

Magnetron sputtering is a technology for thin films depositing in a vacuum chamber and in a working gas using cathode sputtering of the target material in crossed electric and magnetic fields.
Electrically conductive materials, such as conductors and semiconductors, are used as targets in medium-frequency DC and AC magnetrons. The use of magnetic materials is limited by the thickness of the target and requires the use of a special magnetic system. For the sputtering of dielectric materials, the HF version of the magnetron is used, which also requires an HF generator and a matching unit tuned to the applied discharge system.

Rectangular magnetrons are used in vacuum installations of periodic and continuous operation with substrate sizes up to 3 meters or more.

Main tasks:
- production of optical, semiconductor devices, thin-film hybrid integrated circuits, piezoelectric products, acoustoelectronics;
- deposition of functional coatings: optical, conductive, protective, dielectric, metallization of the surface of plastic and glass products, etc;
- source of electrons for ion-beam source.

Technical data:

Parameters Basic Options
Magnetron type Planar rectangular
Working pressure 0,2 ÷ 2 Pa
Target material non-magnetic, electrically conductive materials and semiconductors (Si, Ge, etc.) magnetic materials, dielectrics
Target width 65, 88, 101.6, 127, 152.4, 203.2, 254, 304.8 by request
Target length by request
Magnetic system Permanent magnets NdFeB+2xNi
Gas distributor No Yes

Target cooling

Indirect Direct
Power supply DC, DC-pulse, MF-AC RF, HiPIMS
Specific maximum power DC/DC-pulse/MF-AC 15,5 W/cm2 38,8 W/cm2
Specific maximum power RF 5,2 W/cm2 12,9 W/cm2
Target utilization 15...40% >45%
Gas flow (depends on pumping) 15…250 cm3/min
Mean time between maintenance (mtbm) 50 h
Cooling water
Cooling water temperature 18...25 °C
Water pressure 2..4 bar
Water flow >0,7 l/min/kW
Working gas Ar, O2 and other
Working gas purity 99,99 %