EHS-50 (End hall source)

EHS-50 (End hall source)

End hall source

Ion-beam treatment of the surface defined as a certain effect resulting from applying ion beams (of a certain characteristic with defined energy and ion density) to the substrate.
End-hall ion-beam sources form high density low-energy ion flows in vacuum. The source creates cone shape divergent flow of working gas ions.
The Ion Beam Assisting System includes the power supply, EHS-50, gas control and cooling operation, shutter and all vacuum feedthrough for installation into vacuum chamber.

EHS-50 applied in vacuum technological systems for assisting the process of film deposition with low-energy ions of inert or reactive gases. EHS-50 can be applied in technological processes of ion-beam cleaning, reactive ion-beam etching, coatings synthesis from gas phase, etc.

Main applications:
- low-energy (gentle) ion-beam cleaning of substrates and assisting while depositing  in the production of optics, microelectronics;
- synthesis of coatings from gas phase, reactive etching, plasma-chemical reactions (oxidation, nitration) for R&D and production processes.

Technical data:

Parameters Basic Options
Source type end-hall
Working pressure 0,009 ÷ 0,15Pa
Aperture diameter Ø50 by request
Magnetic system Permanent magnets NdFeB+2xNi
Gas distributor Yes
Anode voltage 60 ÷ 250 V by request
Anode current up to 8 A by request
The average ion energy 24 ÷ 150 eV by request
Ion current up to 1,6 A by request
Gas flow 5…40 cm3/min
Mean time between maintenance (mtbm) 120 h
Cooling water
Cooling water temperature 18...25 °C
Water pressure 2..4 bar
Water flow >0,7 l/min/kW
Working gas Ar, O2 and other
Working gas purity 99,99 %
Overall dimensions, mm Ø120x174
Weight, kg  5,5