OCP Broadband

OCP Broadband

Deposition process monitoring via broadband spectral measurements and analysis


OCP Broadband provides extended control opportunities for different measurement modes. It supports such modes as transmittance, reflectance and direct monitor on either stationary or rotatable substrate (test glass).

The primary deposition process monitor mode is measuring the direct transmission through on the substrate placed on a rotatable substrate holder. The spectrometer measures real coating spectrum throughout the working range after each revolution of the substrate holder. The software algorithm analyzes  the measured spectrum based on the optical design of the required coating and defines the breakpoint for each layer. The close integration with the PLC and the deposition controllers of the vacuum equipment makes it possible to realize an automated optical deposition process from the beginning to the end.

System software allows to load coating designs from various coating design programs. Software interface is easy to use and provides full automation of deposition processes. Full automation became possible due to in-situ re-engineering of coating thickness based on layer spectral characteristics and pre-loaded refraction index dispersion. This technique allows to minimize occurring errors.

Depending on sputtering methods and vacuum coaters conception it is impossible to eliminate errors at all. Errors accumulation leads to impossibility of optical design realization. Reoptimization procedure allows to neglect negative errors influence on layers thickness by variation of the residual layer thicknesses and allows to be sure in receiving calculated spectrum after deposition process. High spectral resolution allows to obtain real transmission values and smooth bending of sharp parts of the spectrum that ultimately raises thickness evaluation precision by the software.

Spectral subrange, nm



Spectral resolution, nm



Wavelength accuracy, nm

± 0.2

± 1.0

Wavelength Repeatability, nm

± 0.1

± 0.5

Monitor types

Intermittent (Direct): Transmission

Continious (Indirect): Transmission, Reflection, Backside reflection


CMOS (Hamamatsu)

Light Source

DC-stabilized Quartz Tungsten Halogen

Software for thin film design

OptiLayer, OTF STUDIO, TFCalc,

MS Excel, Essential Macleod

Data transfer


Modbus TCP/IP

Other by request

Test Glass Changer

8 position test glass changer integrated with 4 position cooled

quartz crystal changer