Tilted Inline coater

Tilted Vacuum systems for large scale mass production

AURORA-I is an inline vacuum coating system in vertical coating design where the ubstrate is loaded on the transport carrier with  a 7-10 degree titled angle to the vertical axis.
This solution allows to combine the advantage of a vertical design (low particle process) with the advantages of  a horizontal loading where non productive (no coating area) area is minimized or  equal to zero.

Coater description
Coating systems is made in two parts:  The vacuum chambers and the loading/unloading tables ( configured to run with the  automation system) that are installed in the clean room. Standard AURORA design is one-end, that means loading and unloading is made fr om one side going to the process corridor and has a turnback or shiftback chamber. Optionally the coater can be modified for two-end design whereas loading and unloading is made from opposite sides. Substrates are fixed on the transport carriers that goes through vacuum load lock chamber to process chamber (sputtering area) wh ere they move with constant speed and without gap between each other. The process chambers are equipped with all equipment for substrate cleaning, thin film coating and  a post treatment (if required). The coater control is made from HMI + PLC system in fully automated mode.
The control system can be integrated with Manufacturing execution system (MES)

Available generation
By coating area size AURORA-I is available in the next versions:
- GEN 4.5 with coating area 650x1200 mm;
- GEN 5 with coating area 1100x1300 mm.
Other variation (not standard) can be discussed.

Together with the coating area size the main parameter that defines productivity is cycle time (or tact time like in conveyor production). It is the time between unloading and loading transport carriers with coated substrates.
For Aurora-I platform the shortest cycle time is from 45 sec.

Process stability
ZERO GAP transport system design (no gaps between transport carriers) ensures outstanding sputtering process stability that is required for high quality AR coating for display and touch industry.

Available coating processes
Having modular design AURORA-I coater structure can be scaled and optimized for different production task. The following technological devises can be used:
   - Ion Beam Cleaning system
   - RF plasma cleaning system
   - Planar magnetron sputtering station (DC or AC)
   - Cylindrical rotary magnetron sputtering station (DC or AC)
   - RF magnetrons
   - AF evaporation system (anti fingeprint coating system)
   - optical monitoring

Substrate type:
   - glass
   - PET (or other plastic films)
   - other material by request

For details about configuration please contact us.