Cluster modular equipment is a combination of magnetron and electron beam deposition of optical coatings in one technological process.

The equipment includes three modules:
   • Technological EBPVD module – serves for deposition of coatings by the method of electron-beam evaporation with simultaneous ion assisting on one side of the substrate.
   • Magnetron technological module – is used for depositing coatings by the method of magnetron sputtering of the target with preliminary ion RF-cleaning on the second side of the substrate.
   • Loading module - provides manual installation of substrates on the substrate holder and automatic movement of the substrate holder into technological modules without unvacuuming technological vacuum chambers.

The coating is applied to substrates mounted on a disk-type substrate holder. Full automation of the processes of ion cleaning and assisting, evaporation and sputtering, the use of quartz and optical control makes it possible to obtain coatings with the required properties and guaranteed reproducibility.

   • Magnetron and electron-beam deposition of coatings on two sides of the substrate in one technological process
   • Fully automated optical control system in the wavelength range from UV to mid-IR (ELI module)
   • Quartz coating thickness and speed control system (magnetron module and ELI module)
   • Possibility of embedding equipment into clean room


Technological module EBPVD:
   • Electron-beam evaporator (up to 8 crucibles) or resistive evaporator
   • Ion cleaning and assistance source

Magnetron technology module:
   • Round magnetron with a target diameter of 100 mm (DC, pulse-DC, RF)
   • Ion RF cleaning source

Diameter of disk-type substrate holder, mm


Maximum number of substrates with a diameter of 30 mm per load, pcs.

Maximum substrate diameter, mm 65
Ultimate residual pressure, Pa 5×10-4
Coating control Quartz
Single-wave automated optical