Alсor equipment is designed for deposition of antireflective and passivating coatings on LED lasers by ion-beam sputtering.

The equipment includes two vacuum chambers:
   • Load-lock chamber – serves for manual loading/unloading of substrates to/from a drum-type substrate holder without unvacuuming the process vacuum chamber, equipped with a high-vacuum pumping system.
   • Process chamber - designed to prepare substrates and execute coatings in accordance with the process recipe.

The material is deposited on substrates mounted on a drum-type substrate holder. A specialized rotation and positioning system allows coating to be applied both with constant rotation of the drum and in a stationary mode at a given position.
The control of the deposition process is carried out using a fully automated optical control by a witness located at one of the positions of the substrate holder.
The use of oil-free pumping equipment based on turbomolecular pumps together with a cryopanel, a vacuum chamber with CF seals and differential pumping can significantly improve the quality of products.

   • Intra-chamber protection of the process vacuum chamber made of oxygen-free copper.
   • System of automatic puffing of inert gas (N2) into the technological vacuum chamber after completion of the technological process.
   • Heating and maintaining the temperature of substrates with IR lamps up to 300 °C.
   • System of automatic change of targets on 3 positions.
   • Fully automated system of optical control by a flying witness in the wavelength range from UV to mid-IR.

   • Ion-plasma source - 1 pc.
   • Ion-beam sputtering source - 1 pc.

Diameter of drum-type substrate holder, mm


Maximum number of substrates with a diameter of 30 mm per load, pcs.

Ultimate residual pressure, Pa 1×10-6
Coating control Quartz
Single-wave automated optical