Beliza is designed for titanium coating on substrates made of metallic materials by electron beam evaporation with simultaneous quartz and optical control of the coating thickness.
A specially designed substrate positioning system allows to realize step by step three stages of the technological process in one cycle: degassing, thermal stabilization, coating.

• Thermal stabilization of the substrate using IR heating system in 200 – 600 °C temperature range
• Pyrometric control of the substrate temperature and molten material drop temperature
• Nitrogen flood type trap to create an area of low pressure in coating zone
• Optional use of a mass spectrometer to measure the spectrum of residual gases
• Electron-beam heater - 1 pc.
• Electron-beam evaporator (4 crucibles) - 1 pc.

Diameter of carousel-type substrate holder (12 sectors), mm


Maximum number of substrates with a diameter of 30 mm per load, pcs.

Maximum substrate diameter, mm 65
Ultimate residual pressure, Pa 1×10-5
Coating control Quartz
Single-wave automated optical