ORTUS platform

ORTUS is a family of coaters based on electron beam evaporation technology with ion assistance. For details about Ion Beam Assisted Deposition please click here.

From the compact sized Ortus 700 up to the largest Ortus 1500 our ORTUS coater portfolio can be configurated with a variety of options needed to produce high density IAD under a stable environment.

Our self-developed fully automated optical monitoring system, OCP SingleWave and OCP BroadBand, enable real-time optimization of optical coating process and designs and provide automation of complex filters coatings at highest accuracy and repeatability. This makes ORTUS a reliable and powerful production tool for both an R&D lab and especially for coating companies in the need of stable high quality production capabilities.

Coatings Applications:
   - Visible and Infrared Optics
   - Lasers
   - Customized application

Thin films made in ORTUS are used in:
   - Sensors
   - Optical systems for objectives
   - Microscopes
   - Telescopes
   - Laser Optics
   - R&D

Our engineering team is always ready to study your requirements and tasks and offer the optimal solution to get exactly what you need.

For details about configuration please see description for each model and contact us.

For detailed information about our ORTUS IAD coater portfolio and its coating capabilities please download the ORTUS CATALOGUE.