OCP Optical Monitoring System

I-Photonics works in the area of precision thin film optical coatings deposition more than 20 years. Our accumulated experience allowed us to create optical monitoring solutions with specifically tailored parameters in order to obtain sophisticated multilayer optical stacks. Our OCP (Optical Coating Provider) optical monitoring product lines consist is an easily integratable hardware and software solution aimed to provide fully automatic control over all types of deposition of optical coatings for a variety of vacuum coating equipment in a wide optical range with spectral resolution up to 0.5 nm.

The OCP optical monitoring system is integrated to the coaters control system in order to provide a fully automation mode which enables a real-time optimization that controls the effective result of the coating runs. In case of deviation from the target it automatically recalculates and implements the corrections to be made to the subsequent layers in order to correct eventual mistakes and deviations.
*Real-time optimization is available for OCP Broadband only.

Supported thin film design software OptiLayer, IzoSpectra, FilmStar,
MS Excel, Essential Macleod,
Data transfer OPC UA, Modbus TCP/IP


For detailed information please download the OCP catalogue.