Batch coating systems

Batch coater is a classical design for vacuum systems.

The main distinctive feature is the following:
   - substrates (or more often sets of substrates) are processed one by one with sequential loading, pumping, coating, venting and unloading
   - in most case one vacuum process chamber with all technological equipment
   - some process requires the load-lock system to avoid venting every cycle

If to compare with INLINE vacuum systems batch coater loses mostly in productivity and scalability (possible substrate size), but it has a lot of advantages:
   - possibility to install sputtering devises of different types and configuration and combine different technologies in one process
   - possibility to realize various geometries of sputtering system
   - many types of substrate holders for different shapes and requirements
   - high flexibility in process sequence and parameters
   - possibility to make multilayers coating (up to several hundred layers)
   - possibility to use the different process control system to improve quality and satisfy more and more strict requirements

Advantages of batch coaters define their niche as production tools for products with high requirements and high costs.

Batch coaters start their history from lab R&D applications and small scale productions. But with the development of  hardware technologies and the penetration of hi-tech to everyday life the batch coaters are  today hi-tech mass production tools.

I-Photonics offers batch coaters with magnetron sputtering technology for the following applications:
   - metalization decorative coating for 3D shapes
   - optical coatings



metalization decorative coating for 3D shapes PARMS system