IZOMET is a high productive vacuum system which is intended for deposition of decorative metal coatings on the substrates of different geometrical forms and dimensions.
The system is applied for: automotive industry (reflectors, mirrors), decorative coatings on furniture, etc. The coatings are deposited by the method of magnetron sputtering with preliminary ion-beam cleaning.
The vacuum technological chamber has a “D” shape and two technological doors. The both doors are equipped with substrate holders of the drum type with the mechanisms of planetary rotation.

- Possibility to install up to 4 technological devices
- Concept of two technological doors for higher productivity of the system
- Fast deposition process
- Elimination of delays between main painting process, metallization and last protective coating which helps to decrease contamination risks
- Possibility of installing a system for organosilicon liquids to the chamber vapors supplying

- DC-magnetrons
- Ion-beam cleaning source