Magnetron sputtering

Magnetron sputtering is an efficient physical vapor deposition method which is widely employed in the  thin film coating industry.

The advantages of magnetron sputtering are the following:
 - High deposition rate with low temperature (substrate temperature can be adjusted by magnetron configuration),
 - Sputtering process has good stability and repeatability (stable deposition rate, stable film stoichiometry),
 - Sputtering source (magnetron) can be positioned easily in the chamber relatively to the substrate (possibility to work with a variety of substrates and different requirements),
 - Sputtering source (magnetron) can be produced in different shapes and configurations: planar round and rectangular, cylindrical rotatable and stationary, DC, MF or RF,
 - Easy to industrialize: excellent uniformity on large scale and ease of automation.

Due to high flexibility of methodes and its combinations with other plasma technologies magnetron sputtering is continuasly developping from simple DC sputtering of metalls and alloys (MS) to Reactive Magnetron Sputtering (RMS) and Plasma Assisted Magnetron Sputtering (PARMS) that allows to make complicated coatings with the highest accuracy and purity. I-Photonics coaters with different methodes:

 - MS is realized in IZOMET product,
 - RMS is realized in Inlines coaters AURORA and ASTRA,
 - PARMS is realized in MERIDIAN product.

Our experience in Magnetron Sputtering is accumulated in many years  and our  current efforts are targeted at developing large scale mass production coaters (INLINE coating equipment) and high precision optical coating applications (Batch coaters).

INLINE equipment for mass production Batch coaters for precision application