DLC coating by PECVD

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating is an amorphous nano-composite carbon material coating that exhibits properties similar to that of natural diamond including low friction, high hardness, and high corrosion resistance.
Because of its Infrared (IR) optical and durability properties DLC is used in optical industry where external optical components require anti-reflection and durability to withstand the harshest environments (thermal cameras, optical windows, and infrared optics).

I-Photonics has developed and successfully uses the efficient method of forming diamond-like protective optical anti-reflection coatings (DLC coatings) on germanium and silicon substrates. Such optical coatings sufficiently increase the mechanical strength of the products as well as transmission coefficient. The method is based on sputtering graphite targets and the decomposition of hydrocarbons in gas discharge plasma (PECVD) with the subsequent ion beam formation, resulting in  the formation of quasi-amorphous diamond-like films.

Optics parts with deposited DLC coatings are passing all environmental tests and optical mechanical evaluations, established for coatings of such type.

The DLC coating by PECVD is realized in  the DIAMANTA product line.


DLC (PECVD) coater for AR and wear-resistance coating for IR optics