The AOC vacuum system is designed for the deposition of complex optical coatings by the method of magnetron sputtering of materials with oxidation by RF plasma source.
The RF plasma source is also cleaning and activating the substrates surfaces before the deposition process. The process foresees the deposition of thin layers of metals (1-3 nm) or semiconducting materials combined with oxidation of the layers in an ionized gas environment. The method allows to produce high quality dielectric coatings at high deposition rates. The AOC coater enables to deposit two different materials in one step with a controllable deposition rate for each material. The substrate holder is of drum type. The load-lock vacuum chamber, the single wave or broadband monitoring system allow to reach highest productivity of the system with the highest yields.

- High deposition rate
- Load-lock vacuum chamber
- Substrate holder of drum type with the set of faces of different sizes
- Single wave or broadband optical monitoring system
- Deposition of two different materials in one technological process with controllable deposition rate for each material

- RF plasma source
- Two DC-magnetrons